Spring is in the air - and the pond!

Last year, the park pond's winter ice was officially broken up on March 10. Since 1999, the official ice free date ranged between March 10 and March 30. Yesterday (the 29th), it was still essentially all frozen at around 9am. These photos were taken today around 1pm, showing that the ice is breaking up, but still has a ways to go. I suspect it will take a few days before it is fully ice free, making 2010 a late year for the pond winter ice to disappear. Come on up and see for yourself - the roads are still muddy, but these warm days have the melt in full swing! By the way, unless we receive snow tomorrow, March will go into the books with 59.5" of snow, bringing the season total to 150" (35" more than average). And April's potential snow still lurks - so mud season may continue for awhile longer this year. Come on wildflowers!

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