Late Winter / Early Spring!

I used to play, and still do sometimes, this lovely guitar instrumental by John Denver called Late Winter / Early Spring. I ought to get my guitar out and play it, because Pueblo Mountain Park is most certainly experiencing the weather typical of this time of year, as winter begins to lose its hold on the land. Not that snow is not a part of that typical weather - in fact, wet, heavy snows, or what are often called spring snows, are the norm around here these days. We just reached the 97" mark for the winter for snow totals so far, and I am confident we will be getting more - soon, I believe. All the moisture in these wet snows has another sure sign of late winter / early spring in plentiful supply in the park - mud! My camera decided it doesn't like all this mud, or something, because it refuses to work - so, no photos in this blog. In spite of the mud, it's quite lovely out there as the days warm. Come up and see us, take a hike, enjoy the signs of spring - just where your mud shoes! Happy trails, Dave

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