The last day of 2010 in Pueblo Mountain Park!

The last day of 2010 ends with a couple of inches of new snow and an Arctic blast of cold air with temps in the single digits -- perfect conditions for a wintry walk in the park. A weak sun was trying to work its way through a thin and persistent cloud cover, but by mid-day it didn't look or feel like it would be very successful. The park looked lovely in white. Here are a few photos of the morning walk Helene and I took...tracks are from a fox, probably a red fox, in a pattern that indicates it was trotting.


A little bit of snow!

The anticipated foot of snow did not materialize...a bit over 2" greeted first light this morning, and it's been flurrying all day since. This storm adds 3" to the season's snowfall, bringing the total to only 6". It's lovely outside anyway - the little bit of snow, the grey sky, the cold air - I love it all. Here are a couple of photos of this afternoon's chilly landscape - looking towards the park from my home, and a few of this summer's sunspots (yellow daisies) in the snow.


Waiting for Snow!

I've been watching the news clips of all the snow and winter weather that so many are experiencing. Then I look outside at the dry landscape of this little part of the world. Beulah is in the grasp of a months-long drought -- we've had only 3" of snow so far this snow season and around 1" of total moisture since the latter part of August. We've also had many days of 50s and 60s -- easy weather to enjoy, but too warm and dry for the season. So, yesterday's forecast of up to a foot of snow between last night and tonight was very welcome news. We woke to just an inch on the ground this morning, but the grey skies are holding back so far today. The little bit of white and temps in the 20s do make it look and feel more like December, but come on snow!