Love Photographs: A Fund-Raiser for the MPEC at Horseshoe Lodge Project!

at the Stompin’ Grounds Coffee Shop in downtown Beulah!

February 10th and 11th 8am to noon

You’ll receive an 8x10 high quality color or b & w photograph

(indoor or outdoor)

Cost: $15 ($10 goes to the MPEC Horseshoe Lodge Project)

Take a photo with the one you love, or something you love and help to rebuild the historic Horseshoe Lodge that we love!

Photographs may be picked up on/after February 16th at The
Stompin’ Grounds. Must be paid in full the day photo is taken.

For more information, contact the MPEC at 485-4444
or The Stompin’ Grounds at 485-0852.


Grandma Emma's Snowshoe Fund-Raiser for the Horseshoe Lodge

Here are some photos of this past Sunday's Snowshoe Fund-Raiser for Women, organized by the wonderful MPEC member and supporter, Susan Finzel-Aldred. As a volunteer member of the MPEC's Horseshoe Lodge Action Group, Susan is organizing several of thee fun events in memory of her naturalist Grandma Emma. The day also included a tour of the Horseshoe Lodge, treats, and a slide presentation on the Lodge Project. If you would like to organize a similar program for your friends or group, contact the MPEC at mpec@fone.net.


Pueblo Mountain Park's Icy Canyon

All the snow and winter cold has turned the park's Devil's Canyon into a world of ice. I snowshoed into the canyon about 10 days ago with my 3-year old grandson Jude, his first time ever on snowshoes. He walked about 85% of the way to the canyon (and fell about 85 times, most of them intentionally). Although big for his age, he's still a little guy, and the hike in pretty much wiped him out. I carried him about 95% of the way out. Anyway, the canyon was amazing, with massive amounts of frozen water in all sorts of configurations decorating the canyon's walls. Large icicles (we hiked up to one - very awesome), frozen waterfalls... I did not have my camera, so I made a point of snowshoeing in the next day with my camera. Here are a few photos that I took that day (taken Jan. 18 or 19, I believe).
This is my 31st winter in Beulah, and it is turning out to be one of the best for x-country skiing and snowshoeing. The consecutive storms and chilly temps have created an excellent base...hopefully, this will all last. I've measured 97" of snow so far this winter. Over 20" more than last winter, and less than 20" away from an average winter's entire snow total. With a normal amount of snow in March and April (statistically, March and April are number one and two in snowfall - we'll have to wait and see what these months bring) and winter 2007 will go into the books as well above average. Yes, we're still very much in winter, and I'm enjoying it, but I'm also thinking about wildflowers, because all this snow should translate into a great wildflower season this spring and summer.
So, this is the first time I've "blogged." The MPEC's great computer tech (Board Member Greg Smith) and my brilliant wife (Board Member Helene Van Manen) convinced me that an MPEC Blog will be a great way to share stories and happenings, so here we go... Let me know what you think, share your own stories, comments, sightings, photos.
Now a blogger, Ranger Dave