A couple of budding pond ecologists!

A couple of weeks ago, the Palmer Land Trust sent a film crew (Cloud Foundation) to capture some of what MPEC does to present at the awards dinner last evening (and as soon as I can figure out how - or get someone to do it, we will post the clip here and/or at the MPEC website). The production assistant Makendra Silverman took a bunch of photos of a group of students immersed in pond study. As I looked through the photos, I was just delighted with this sequence of photos of a couple of students that do a wonderful job of capturing the enthusiasm of these 5th graders. This is what MPEC is all about, and I am thrilled to see that these programs that I started over a decade ago are still going strong in facilitating the Nature/child connection! ~Ranger Dave

MPEC receives Stewardship Award!

Last evening, MPEC had the honor of being in the company of some terrific individuals and organizations in receiving a Conservation Award from the Palmer Land Trust. At a delightful presentation event held in Colorado Springs, MPEC was presented with the Stewardship Award "in recognition of exceptional environmental stewardship" for our Nature-based education programs and ecologically aware management of Pueblo Mountain Park. Other award recipients were Reeves and Betsy Brown of the the 3R Ranch in Beulah, Judy Sellers of Colorado Springs, and the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, also of Colorado Springs. We are pleased that so many MPEC members, employees, board members, volunteers and supporters attended the well-attended program held at the Antlers Hotel. Pictured here: MPEC Director Dave Van Manen, founding and former Board Member Helene Van Manen, and Reeves and Betsy Brown of the 3R Ranch with the beautiful awards designed and created by Pueblo artist Jean Latka; and Palmer Executive Director Scott Campbell presenting the award to Dave. MPEC is in good company as we work hard for conservation and ecological literacy, and it feels good to be recognized for our good work!


Another delightful drum circle!

A very warm and gentle evening and a rising harvest moon accompanied a dozen of us as we drummed in the change from summer to autumn at MPEC. Note that we have a Harvest Moon/Autumn Equinox Full Moon Hike scheduled for this Wednesday, the 22nd, at 7pm. Happy Fall, Ranger Dave



September arrives gracefully!

There are several hints that fall is just around the corner. One is the blooming flowers in the park that say "autumn" quite loudly. August's 3.76" of moisture have many of our fall wildflowers in great shape. The acorns look to be in pretty good shape as well, meaning that our bear neighbors should have some nutritious food this fall. Photos: The yellow flower is stiff goldenrod and the light purple is smooth aster - both members of the sunflower family. In fact, most of the blooms out there are sunflower family members. Fall is a great time to get out and enjoy Nature, so I encourage you to make the time to get out!