Horseshoe Lodge Construction Begins!

MPEC's Horseshoe Lodge Project is truly a grassroots effort. So many people donated hundreds of thousands of dollars for the first phase of this legacy project over the last 15 months, which is no small piece of change: real financial support from the grassroots. And now, grassroots support in the form of hard-working volunteers is accomplishing much of the initial demolition (several walls need to be removed to accommodate the new classrooms / multi-purpose rooms, Nature shop, and offices). We still have more demo work to accomplish, and we project several other facets of the project can be accomplished with volunteers, so if you'd like to help out, give (Ranger) Dave Van Manen a call at (719) 485-4444 for details. Photos from top: Christine Rochester dismantling an old bench; Jim Loseke enjoying his work; Hal Murray de-nailing a board (it's chilly in there); Erik Stulb removing a section of ceiling; Don Mourning, Larry Arns, Mary Twinem & Dan Clements taking a break!

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