Birdwatching in Beulah on New Year's Day 2008

2007 ended with a wintry December in Beulah, with many cold days and several very cold nights, plus about 28" of snow. 2008, and the beginning of MPEC's ninth year, began with a chilly and sunny day. The birds knew not that us humans were acknowledging the turn of the year, but they were busy at the bird feeders. My son-in-law Erik took plenty of good photos of some of them, including a very hungry male hairy woodpecker, a loud but camera-shy Stellar's jay, a busy mountain chickadee, and a red breasted nuthatch that just wouldn't stay very still.

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Ranger Wolf said...

It was just a few days after this posting that I saw evening grosbeaks at the MPEC feeder for the first time. While I see them at home often, never here at the park. Other prevelant birds here at MPEC have been whitebreasted, red breasted, and pygmy nuthatches, house finch, american goldfinch, pine siskins, and the juncos (see Daves Junco article in the jan/feb 08 newsletter).