In the Last 3 Weeks This Has Happened At The Mountain Park Environmental Center

At the Horseshoe Lodge we have:

- Painted about 10,000 sq feet of walls and ceilings x 3 coats
all by volunteers
-Tongue in groove ceiling is almost completely installed
-Bathrooms are primed for completion and will feature Clivus Multrum foam flush composting toilets
-Electrical finish work is near completion
-Floors are being repaired where needed and old baseboard removed last winter are being sanded and restored by a volunteer and will be installed in the next week or two
-New phone systems are ready to be installed
-New Interior doors will arrive August 6th

We plan to move from our overcrowded MPEC headquarters to the new Horseshoe Lodge on Saturday August 23. We are rallying volunteers to help us move that day and celebrate this huge grassroots effort. We need helpers at every level including people to cook and bring food to feed our moving troops. email us at I WILL HELP MPEC MOVE

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