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An MPEC Snowshoe Hike this past winter. Photo taken
by Hal Murray, retired professor, MPEC member, and all around great guy!
Guided Hikes – March & April
No matter how long the winter, spring is sure to follow.
~ Proverb from Guinea

So far, winter 2007 has been a snowy one, and March and April are usually our snowiest. But, snow or no snow, these two months signal the transition from winter to spring. For our hikes these two months, it is still best to be prepared for chilly weather – wear good hiking shoes, layered clothing, hat, etc. Also bring along a water bottle and snacks on these moderately strenuous hikes that are educational and fun. Most hikes last from two to three hours and are appropriate for adults and children over 12. Group size limited to 15; members free, non-members $5. Note: If snow conditions are right during a scheduled hike, the hike may become a snowshoe outing. We provide snowshoes for our hikes. Call for details! Registration required: 719-485-4444.

Ø Sat, Mar 10, 1pm Daylight Savings / Late Winter Hike Surprise, daylight savings is a month earlier. It matters not to the natural world! Depending on conditions, we may see or hear some early breeding bird activity, and we may see a few early season blooming flowers, but we will definitely be out in Nature on this late winter hike.
Ø Sun, Mar 18, 10am, (Almost) Spring Equinox Hike The sun is halfway on its sky-climbing journey between its December low point on the winter solstice and its June high point on the summer solstice. Celebrate spring on this exhilarating hike along the trails of the park.
Ø Sun, Apr 8, 1pm, Early Spring Hike Enjoy an afternoon hike and notice how spring is beginning to take hold on the landscape of Pueblo Mountain Park.
Ø Sat, Apr 14, 10am, Early Wildflower Hike Usually, by this date, nearly a dozen species of wildflowers are already blooming in Pueblo Mountain Park, including kinnikinnick, mountain bladderpod, and Nelson larkspur. Join us as we search for these flowery signs of spring.

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wow thats alot of snow we only had about 45 inches so far